Victories & Defeats

I am back! I just got home late last night from my 10-hour drive straight from Nashville. My mama, sisters and I went. Suuuuuuch a victory. It is the most amazing place! 

Our first day we went down Broadway & visited a few bars, shopped way too much and ate sooooo much pork I think I gained 25 (delicious) pounds. The absolute best pulled sammy was at Martin’s. I wish I could inject their sauce into my VEINS. ๐Ÿ˜  We spent a night at the Opry which was magical to be a part of. There were so many cool acts, all unique but somehow went together perfectly. The stage is huge. It felt so neat to be sitting in the same seats soooo many others had sat in before, enjoying the same experience. Our last supper was by far the best thing that happened FO SHO. My sweet, sweet, sweet mother treated us to The Melting Pot. Which for you peasants out there, is a FONDUE restaurant!! I will never forget that cheese fondue. I wanted to take the hot bowl and stuff the entire thing down my gullet. I resisted that but hot dang, the apple/melty cheese bites were sooooo heavenly. I had such a fun time with my framjam & I can’t wait to see where we go next. 

But with as always, when you are having a great time, life hands you a slap of reality โœŠ๐Ÿ™€ I finally paid off my car after 2 hellish years of jacked up interest payments YEHAW. I have been driving around for awhile, blissfully ignoring the rattling of my car and the bright ABS light everytime I turned the beauty on. Today I decided to swallow my pride and get it checked.


Two bald tires, one almost snapped bearing and a mental breakdown later, I left my sweetie behind in the shop and went home with my mom (oh ya, the stress of dealing with any car issues sends me off the deep end so I ran from the guy, bawling like a baby and called my mommy to rescue me). Suuuuuuch a defeat. 

Life has been throwing me a few wacky curveballs all at once but I know I can handle it. I can’t help but look back in these moments and be thankful for my coping skills I developed over the years. Back in highschool, if this happened to my car, I would have not been able to gain perspective of the situation so quickly. Although I had a huge cry, so what? Tomorrow I will begrudingly pay the kind mechanic what he wants and be back on the road. I am not quite sure what I am trying to say here, but just know that you are doing better than you think you are.

Life gets tough but you can handle that shizzzz playa ๐Ÿ’•

Until next time,



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